TOWIE’s Lydia Bright and Tom Kilbey swap nights out for scoffing popcorn

That's one way to eat your popcorn Lydia Bright and Tom Kilbey!

There won't be any left by the time the film starts! Copyright: [twitter/lydiarosebright]

Looks like cutest couple ever, Lydia Bright and Tom Kilbey might by vying for the title of Essex's most loved up couple.

Lydia tweeted this snap of the pair last night with the message: "Just cuddling in bed with my favourite person @tomkilbey about to watch my favourite movie 'the notebook' #popcorn ♥


There really is nothing better than a night in with your boyf and a bit of a snuggle. Apart from a night in with your boyf, a bit of a snuggle and Ryan Gosling.

Luckily Lydia got the later as she chose to watch one of our fave films The Notebook.

However, it looks like they might scoff their popcorn before the film even starts!

Lyds is chuffed with her boyf Tom. Copyright: [wenn]

It looks like Lydia is most definitely not thinking about her ex Arg after their bust up on this week's TOWIE.

Lydia left Joey's birthday party in tears after her ex, James Argent accused her of saying less than complimentary things about his new girlfriend Gemma Collins.

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Choosing to have this argument in front of Gemma, so if she hadn't heard the rumours — she certainly had now.

However, Lydia seems thrilled with Tom and the pair been dating since May.

Judging by snaps like these, it seems like things couldn't be going any better.

They really are the golden couple of Essex right now.