TOWIE’s Lydia Bright and Lucy Mecklenburgh talk body hang ups

If we were The Only Way is Essex's Lydia Bright or Lucy Mecklenburgh then we wouldn't have ANY body worries. Both girls are slim and toned to perfection, but it seems that they don't agree.

Speaking to Heat magazine, the TOWIE stars have revealed a long list of physical insecurities. Are you ready? This might take some time.

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First up was Lydia. When asked what she doesn't like about herself, she responded: "I have a permanent lump on my lip, and sometimes one eye looks smaller than the other."

She then went on to say that she also has to work hard on her stomach: "I have to work hardest on my stomach. If I left it for a week, it would go flabby."

Next it was Lucy's turn. "I don't like my boyfriend seeing my bum. I could tone it up a bit."

But what about your legs, you like those, right Lucy? "My biggest body issue is my legs." Oh. Maybe not. "They're quite short. My dad calls me Stumpy! I wear heels quite a lot. I'd love Lydia's long legs."

As for her face, appaarently she doesn't like that either because it's 'too fat,' and she 'looks like a hamster.' No, those are cheekbones Lucy. Most of us would kill for them.

However, it's not all bad - Lucy likes her boobs and Lydia likes her bum and neither would resort to surgery just yet. PLEASE don't do a Heidi Montag, girls!

The full feature, including Lauren Goodger and Maria Fowler, appears in this week's heat magazine, on sale now (Tuesday)