TOWIE’s Lucy Mecklenburgh: ‘I’m scared of marrying Mario!’

Lucy Mecklenburgh confesses that she is having pre-wedding jitters ahead of her big day.

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Lucy is engaged to Mario Falcone, making her one half of TOWIE's most talked about couples so the pressure is on for her day to be perfect.

However, while she is sure Mario is the man she wants to marry, she would be happy to wait a little bit longer before she says 'I do'

She says: "I do want to get married, but I'm a bit scared. I'd happily say let's get married in five years, but I don't think that's what Mario wants."

"I'm not ready for all the questions about the wedding and I don't want to plan it."

In that case perhaps we could be very quiet and be the wedding planners? Two birds, one stone and all that.

Lucy and Mario are engaged. Copyright:[rex]

However, after that bust up at Lucy and Mario's engagement party when the wedding does happen one lady who might not be on the invite list is Sam Faiers.

Lucy says: "Sam's my old friend, but I feel like she's tarnished my engagement and hasn't said sorry."

FYI, Sam wasn't invited to the party and claimed that Lucy had told her Mario had been sending rude messages to other girls.

Drama in Essex? Never!

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In February, the pair split after Mario admitted that he had been doing just what Sam said however, Lucy chose to take him back and now says she fully trusts him.

Lucy says: "I'm genuinely really happy and I trust Mario. He's with me every night, so I'm sure I'd know if he was having an affair!"

"Unfortunately, being in the position we are in, rumours start that get out of control. But as long as we're honest with each other, that's all that matters."

And Lucy trusts him so much she even hope that one day they will have babies!

"I would love to have kids. I've even got my baby names sorted, but I'm still young and have lots to enjoy, so there's no rush."

Plus for now they have their two adorable little doggies to look after.

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