TOWIE’s Little Chris says: “I don’t want Ricky and Jess to get engaged”

Tonight TOWIE is back and we don't know about you, but we cannot wait!

We exclusively caught up with Little Chris ahead of tonight's episode to get the inside scoop on just what to expect.

Now, is it just us or does it seem like the whole of Essex suddenly seems to be coupling up?

Think about it, to name a few, we have: Mario and Lucy, Tom and Lydia, Ricky and Jess, Gemma and Arg, Sam and Joey...

It would seem that something definitely is in the spray tan!

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So what does Little Chris make of all this romance? Well, while things seem all loved up for now, he doubts it will all be smooth sailing:

The Essex boy told omg!: "I reckon this series coming is going to be the best one. A lot of drama. A lot of people are going to confront each other. A few couples might end - because things never last."

One couple we know we will have our eyes peeled for are Lucy and Mario.

We will definitely be tuning in to see Mario and Lucy! Copyright:[wenn]

We can't wait to see how the wedding plans are coming along, especially since we already know who the best man is going to be: Little Chris, of course!

However, while the cheeky chappy is excited about one wedding, he is not too sure he could handle another.

Chris told omg!: "Hopefully Ricky's not the next one getting engaged, I don't think I could do two speeches in the year. He has just bought a dog so it's like a family - like Mario and Lucy again."

Another wedding? Who knows - Jess might just end up catching Lucy's bouquet!

We just wonder who Little Chris might hook up with? Nanny Pat? This is TOWIE remember, anything is possible!