Are TOWIE’s Joey Essex and Sam Faiers planning on moving in together?

Exciting news! TOWIE'S Joey Essex and his lady Sam Faiers have been snapped looking at houses in an estate agent's in Essex.

Sam and Joey were spotted house hunting. Copyright: [BIG]

Are one of TOWIE's fave couples getting ready to shack up together? Certainly looks that way.

The couple have been together less than a year but it looks like things are getting very serious.

Now we are no detectives, although we try, but surely a happy couple perusing houses together can mean only one thing: they must be moving in together!

Casa de TOWIE? Copyright: [BIG]

If they are then we definitely want to be invited round for tea.

Plus, the housewarming could totally be on TOWIE.

Things certainly seem pretty loved up for the pair, just last week Sam said how happy she is with Joey.

Sam says: "I'm quite simple as long as you've been taken to a nice restaurant, a nice drink  and, if it's your boyfriend, treat you to a nice night over in London in a lovely hotel, that kind of thing does it for me"

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Well, they won't need to stay in anymore hotels if they end up buying their very own love pad!

However, there would be one downside to living with Joey Essex — just imagine how much time he spends in the bathroom!

Sam has admitted in the past that like what thought — he takes forever.

She says: "He just stands in the shower, then he gets out and blow-dries his hair, then he takes longer than me to choose his outfit. I wouldn't say he was vain, he's just really slow."

Well, you have to take your time if you want to look reem!