TOWIE’s Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment take on Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklenburgh in celebrity couple battle

Lucy Mecklenburgh and Mario Falcone have some serious competition on their hands as TOWIE's  most glamourous couple may soon be awarded to Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment.

jessica wright ricky raymentRicky Rayment and Jessica Wright enjoy their first photo shoot as a couple. Copyrigh t[Closer magazine]

After (pretty poor) attempts to keep their romance under wraps Jessica Wright and Ricky Rayment have cemented their celebrity couple status by posing as a loved-up pair in Closer magazine.

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The duo made their relationship official on The Only Way Is Marbs, but the brunette beauty has now said she doesn't want her love life to be the focus of the TV show.

towie ricky and jessAww, Ricky and Jess' first on-screen kiss. Copyright [WENN]

She told the magazine: "We're not interested in being the show's biggest love story. We want to keep parts of our relationship private.

"We're not the new Mark and Lauren. The "Mark and Lauren" thing is boring."

Aww — but it was so drama-filled it was amazing telly.

mark wrightMark Wright gave Ricky the 'thumbs up'. The full interiew appears in Closer magazine

And it looks like Mark Wright has learnt his lesson and passed his wisdom onto his sister as Jess added:

"Mark is so protective and sometimes forgets I'm older. He's tried to put me off my previous boyfriends, but he couldn't fault Ricky and gave him a massive thumbs up."

omg! recently spoke to Ricky who told us the couple's romance has been burning in the background for some time.

He said: "The annoying thing is they haven't filmed a lot of us. But we've been going out together off of camera. So everyone doesn't get to see."

But he's clearly dedicated to impressing his lady, learning to cook for her too, adding:

"I've got a platinum award in cooking! Have I cooked her anything nice? Not yet. I'd rather give her the choice in case I cook her something she doesn't like."

And if that doesn't make Jess happy we're sure his comments that Jess was the TOWIE girl he 'fancied the most' should properly do it.

The week's Closer magazine is on sale now.