TOWIE final episode: It’s all gonna kick off says Ricky

It wouldn't be a TOWIE finale without arguments, screaming and someone ending up in a swimming pool.

Ricky Rayment TOWIERicky says it's all going to kick off on TOWIE tonight. Copyright [Wenn]

And TOWIE star Ricky Rayment has exclusively told us that tonight's final episode will be FULL of drama. Phew.

The Only Way Is Essex fittie revealed that the Best Of British finale will have plenty of fireworks.

He said: "There's a couple of arguments. Like big ones. Just a lot of swearing and 'you're this, you're that'".

"You will definitely love watching it on Sunday. Cos it's gonna go off."

But Ricky - who has been involved in some fairly big antics with Gemma Collins this series - told us he was well out of the mayhem.

He said: "There's lots more to come. Not me, I'm alright, I'm out of the drama."

Ricky Rayment TOWIERicky says he's out of the drama. Copyright [Wenn]

Ricky and the rest of the cast were pictured earlier this week filming the final scenes of the series in red, white and blue for the Best of British special.

And it remains to be seen who kicks off with who, after Wednesday's episode saw Gemma Collins lose it with Charlie and Lauren Goodger return.

Asked what he made of Gemma's finger-wagging and screaming, Ricky told us: "I think she's just worried. She's lost Charlie and thought it would be alright and Charlie's ended up coming over to our group and he's joining in with the boys and meeting new birds.

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"So I think she just lost it. Couldn't control it anymore. I think she liked him more than she let on. She's a strong girl. I'm pretty sure she liked him."

Ricky RaymentRicky Rayment chatted to us exclusively. Copyright [Wenn]

And he cleared up the controversy over his alleged "sexting" with Gemma which ended up causing her to break-up with BF Charlie.

He said: "It was all her, not me. I was just replying out of politeness. I'm not a horrible person. I knew her as a friend and she messaged me.

"I was never gonna ignore her because she'd be like 'why you not messaged me back' so I messaged her back and soon as it got a bit too much I told her. I thought that was fair."

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