Are TOWIE favourites Chloe Sims and Lydia Bright being axed from the show?

Two of TOWIE's most popular characters, Chloe Sims and Lydia Bright are rumoured to be facing the axe from the show along with a handful of other regulars.

Chloe and Lydia are rumoured to be facing the chop from TOWIE. [Copyright Getty]

Heat reports that an insider of the show has revealed that producers have decided to make some radical changes when the TOWIE returns for its seventh series.

They told Heat: "The new producers want to focus on fewer storylines. Lydia Bright could be the first big name casualty, as she's becoming more interested in her own shop and clothing line."

"Another could be Chloe Sims. She didn't find the last series exciting."

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And it's not just Chloe and Lydia who are facing the chop, three other faces are also looking at an uncertain future.

Cara and Billi are also in danger of loosing their jobs. [Copyright Getty]

The insider revealed: "Cara's [Kilbey] been moaning on set about too much filming"

"Also Cara's best friend Billi Mucklow has now got a boyfriend who's not on the show, so there's no room for romantic storylines."

"She's said she's happy to go because all she seemed to do was argue with the Wright family."

The source continued: "Tom Pearce's position is also shaky: he failed to get a romance going with Lauren Goodger or any of the other girls."

With Lauren Goodger having now left the show during its last series finale, next series looks set to be almost unrecognisable.

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