TOWIE’s Chloe Sims book is about boobs then, we gather?

TOWIE'S Chloe Sims launched her first ever book last night, yep she has written one appaz, and put her best assets forward for the hard sell.

Chloe put her best assets forward last night. Copyright: [wenn]

Well, we are all talking about it this morning so it's pretty much job done for Chloe.

We know it's overused but it really does look like Chloe has shoved the Mitchell brothers down her dress.

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Albeit the Mitchell brother after a trip to Marbs and 45 minutes in the St Tropez booth.

But, yes all this boobicles display was in honour of Ms Sims new book, an autobiography as it happens.

Chloe has written an autobiography! Copyright: [wenn]

Which makes us think it really could be about boobs, well a good part of it anyway.

In other Essex-land news, have you heard this is going to be a LIVE episode over Christmas?

The Only Way crash tv? [ITV]

This excited us very much.

Now, if we are all being honest then the only reason any of us watch live episodes of soaps etc is to spot someone fluff their lines.

(Be honest with yourselves)

And we reckon this is a whole lot more likely in Essex.

A show source said: "Doing an episode live is a high-risk strategy but everyone is excited about it.

"We've banned any booze because we don't want any funny business happening. The last thing that we need is them all getting a bit of Dutch courage and it ending up kicking off."

We're not sure they need booze Mr Show Insider!