TOWIE cast at risk of being axed if they don’t excite viewers, best get the abs out Mario Falcone

TOWIE and its cast members seems to be exploding with the now very famous faces of Joey Essex, James 'Arg' Argent, Lucy Mecklenburgh popping up at endless promotional events and that's before we catch the TOWIE TV ads.

TOWIEThe TOWIE cast have been told to offer more excitement to viewers. Copyright [ITV Pictures]

But producers of one of omg!'s fave show have threatened the TOWIE cast to liven up or they'll be booted off the show — Nooooooooooo!

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Last week there was a meeting with the producing big wigs who hosted (we like to think) an Apprentice style boardroom event telling the cast to get creative.

An insider told The Sun: "Producers said if they [the cast] all wanted to return then a lot of them would have to change their attitude and buck up their ideas.

towieHopefully the new mission will mean the boys have to work hard to erm, 'excite' us girls haha. Copyright [ITV  …

"There have been a lot of grumbles from producers about timekeeping by cast members, and the way the crew are treated, and they laid out these concerns during the meeting.

"The stars were also told that the only way to guarantee their places was to be as exciting as possible on the show.

"But the cast were also able to air their grievances and complained about the long hours they are expected to film for just £80 a day."

diagsDiags told omg! the long hours can be tough. Copyright [ITV Pictures]

And it wasn't just Gemma Collins, Mario Falcone and Lucy Mecklnebrgh who moaned about the long hours, Diags recently came to omg! Towers where he revealed the pay isn't their main concern, he said:

"Waiting around on set all day for eleven hours and then being told you're not needed, is really annoying.

"They tell us 'We put you in the show.'"

We hope they sort things out, although we wouldn't object to producers 'forcing the hotter male members of the cast to excite us all by hanging out topless a little more.  #just sayin