TOWIE's Arg is NOT dating One Direction's 'Live While We're Young' video model Shannon Brennan, in fact, her people find it 'upsetting' that we think so

TOWIE's Arg has been brutally rebuffed in the worst possible way today.

TOWIE's Arg initially said Shannon Brennan 'ticked every box', until she denied that they're dating. Copyright …

The rumour mill went into overdrive this morning, with claims that Arg is dating 17-year-old model Shannon Brennan.

Arg was alleged to be totally head over heels for Shannon (who's one of those fresh-faced types that everyone doted over at LFW - AND she starred One Direction's 'Live While We're Young' videos), telling Now mag that she "ticks every box".

But the poor boy has been cast aside in the worst possible way today, with Shannon's agency - the super-posh Select Model Management - has denied the rumours.

And they didn't stop there.

Shannon Brennan's management company said they found the dating rumours 'upsetting'. Copyright [Rex]

After saying that the whole story is completely untrue, they've gone one step further and called it "upsetting". Ouch.

Shannon apparently tweeted Arg last night telling him to ring her if he couldn't sleep, but the evidence appears to have self-destructed this morning (there's a surprise).

Instead she took to Twitter this afternoon in a jovial manner - just in case anyone still thought the rumours were true.

TOWIE's Arg has now claimed the pair are 'just good friends'. Awkward. Copyright [Rex]

She tweeted: "Hahaha funny how much you find out about yourself from the press, sorry to disappoint but it's not true don't believe everything you read!"

Why delete the tweet then, hmmm?!

Meanwhile, Arg has now denied the whole thing - instead saying that they're "just good friends".

So that whole "she ticks every box" thing was just referring to the 'friends' box, right Arg?


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