Tom The Wanted in a the ultimate PDA, thank goodness it’s his girlfriend Kelsey Hardwick

When these pictures of Tom Parker from The Wanted landed we jumped out our seats for a minute thinking he was playing tonsil tennis with a random.

PDA alert! Copyright: [rex]

Alas, breathe a sigh of relief we don't have another (alleged) Zayn Malik on our hands, it is in fact Tom's long term girlfriend Kelsey Hardwick.

Tom was (as usual) out on the razz with his pals last night and was snapped leaving a London nightclub in the wee hours.

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And the pair just couldn't keep their hands OFF each other, snapped snogging all over the place including outside in the smoking area.

Fag in one hand, bum in the other. Classy. Copyright: [rex]

Honestly, we don't think we can handle the romance.

And Kelsey didn't seem put off by her audience of snappers, instead seemed to quite enjoy her moment in the flash bulbs.

Kelsey played up to the snappers. Copyright: [rex]

At one point, the couple did pop up for air only for Kelsey to flash the photographers a massive grin that said 'Yeah, I'm like totes going out with one of The Wanted'.

Er, get a room, much?