Tom Daley’s Splash! is the best rubbish TV ever and here are five reasons why omg! loves it

Tom Daley's Splash! is probably the most criticised show currently on air - it's all been a bit of a (belly) flop as far as the TV columns go.

Splash is great, end of. Copyright: [itv]

Its future looks far from rosy - until you take a peek at the viewing figures (5.6million) and the fact that ABC over in the US plans to make their own transatlantic Splash!

It might be bad, but it's so bad it's good and we are quite frankly, gripped.

It's fast becoming cult viewing and we don't know about you but we have been pretty much glued to our screens.

And here is why...

Celebs in bikinis: Splash! …

1. Bikini bodies

Everyone loves to gawp at a celeb in a bikini and watching Splash! you're spoiled for choice.

Whether it's Jade Ewen and her amazing abs from week one or the age-defying Linda Barker, there are just yards of celeb flesh to marvel at.

Special mention goes to the resident Splash! perv cam which never fails to capture every inch of that flesh for our viewing pleasure.

2. The worst chemistry between a pair of presenters in all of TV history

Gaby Logan and Vernon Kay probably do like each other in real life - it's just that it doesn't exactly, er, translate well on screen.

Since the show was universally panned after week one, as much as they yelp and grin, we can't help but think they would rather be at home waiting for Take me Out to come on.

However a presenting job that's basically the TV equivalent of being the band performing on the sinking Titanic would be a tough gig for anyone, even primetime gods Ant 'n Dec.

3. Vernon Kay's shorts

Need we say more? Oh OK, fair enough. There must have been some reason for the decision of the former male model - and current husband of the very stylish Tess Daly - to wear THOSE shorts but we can't imagine what it could be.

We love Tom on Splash. Copyright: [itv]

4. Tom Daley

Phwoar and phwoar again. Thrice phwoar, even. Plus, Tom is just so darn enthusiastic with all the celebs he even makes us want to climb up to the 10 metre board.

Caitlin Moran has decided Tom is basically Harry Styles but wet and we can't argue with her there.

5. Jo Brand on the judging panel

Because if there is one woman who knows more about diving than anyone else it is surely Jo Brand.

So don't be ashamed and say it loud and proud: SPLASH! IS! GREAT!

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