Tom Daley takes his top off, shows off fit new Olympics tattoo

Tom Daley may have just got even hotter thanks to one very sexy tattoo.

We don't know where to look - tat or pecs? Copyright: [Twitter/ Tom daley]

Tom has had the Olympic rings tattooed on the inside of his upper arm to commemorate his bronze medal.

He tweeted a picture of his new ink, in which he can be seen showing off the body art with his fellow divers Sarah Barrow and Chris Mears.

Does this mean he will get inked after every medal? At the rate he wins them, he will be covered — there might not be any room left!

And it seems Tom has a bit of a penchant for whipping his clothes off at the moment after he appeared on the Jonathan Ross show last night in little more than a bow tie.

We heart a topless Tom. Copyright: [rex]

Well, we suppose when you get used to wearing tiny trunk your whole life,  getting your bod out really isn't such a big deal.

And we say, the more of Tom Daley's bod, the better!

Tom justified his choice of clothing, or should we say lack of, by telling Jonathan: 'The invite I got said smart/casual'.

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Meanwhile the diver as spotted out last night letting his hair down with girlfriend, Kassidy Cook.

The pair were snapped in posh Mayfair and looked super loved up.

They both had a fair bit to celebrate after they both received their all important 'A' Level results on Thursday.

Tom proved he's not just all jumping off diving boards while looking super fit, he's also quite the brain box — after he achieved an A in Spanish, A* in Photography and an A in Mathematics.