Tom Daley and his abs are too young for me, says Will Young

All anyone seems to talk about in these Olympic times are Tom Daley and Tom Daley's abs.

Will Young, Tom DaleyWill Young says Tom Daley is too young for him. Copyright [Wenn]

But one person who reckons he's far too young to be ogling the British diver's body is pop star Will Young.

Asked whether he was a fan of Tom Daley's abs, the Pop Idol star said: "No I'm not. No I'm 33 and looking for something a bit older. You know, I could be his dad."

Speaking to Absolute Radio's Polly James live from Hyde Park at BT London Live about whether he reckons Tom could do well in the Olympics, Will added: "Yeah he could do well."

Will says Tom Daley is far too young for him. Copyright [PA]

And the singer revealed that he quite fancied himself as an athlete if he hadn't gone into the music business.

He said: "If I wasn't singing I would be, I feel, on the podium over in the east of London.

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"Well actually I always wanted to compete… I was quite a keen 400 metre runner."

Like the rest of the nation, Will Young was glued to his screen for the Opening Ceremony on Friday night.

And he reckons Danny Boyle should get a knighthood for his creation.

He told Absolute: "He made something mainstream out of all these very quite left-field creative people, and I thought it was amazing.  I was in tears.

And he thinks the Queen's appearance alongside Daniel Craig was worthy of an Oscar.

He said:  "The Queen's acting was brilliant. I mean, she deserves an Oscar for that. The Queen could actually get an Oscar for being the Queen, how amazing would that be?

"I think it was just wonderful, and what is needed actually I think, because what we're really good at in this country is being so cynical, and I'm a cynical person, but sometimes it's nice to rally everyone together, and I thought that he and everyone in that ceremony did it.

"Very intimate moments as well, which was so genius, because he's a film-maker I think he created these very intimate moments, because everyone's watching it through this or that, whatever the size of the TV is, and I thought that was inspired, yeah."