Tom Cruise thinks he’s Mariah Carey, chucks everyone out of restaurant so he wouldn’t be ‘bothered’

Tom Cruise reportedly insisted that a hotel restaurant ask all it's guests to leave so he could dine in peace.

*ahem* Diva. Copyright: [wenn]

Ooo you little diva, Tom!

We love a good diva demand, so this story is right up our street.

Apparently, Tom was worried that he would be put off his grub if forced to dine amongst the great unwashed.

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So he asked the manager if the restaurant could be emptied before he sit down to eat.

At this point the manager said er, no and Tom was proper miffed.

Tom needs his space when he is dining. Copyright: [wenn]

In fact, the manager was believed to be 'outraged' by Tom's request.

A source told The Sun: "Who does Mr Cruise think he is?"

Er, a Hollywood actor with a penchant for Scientology?

"The hotel was full and it would have been unfair to the other guests."

So in the end Tom was forced to dine amongst the plebs and it's believed he did, in the end, manage to keep his food down.

What a trooper.

In other Tom news, earlier this week it was claimed that he 'auditioned' wives in an X Factor style process which involved questions such as "What do you think of Tom Cruise?".

Tom's lawyer has refuted the claims saying: "Vanity Fair's story is essentially a rehash of tired old lies previously run in the supermarket tabloids, quoting the same bogus 'sources'. It's long, boring and false."

OK, but either way it made for a pretty juicy story, right? They might be false but they're definitely not boring!