Tinie Tempah’s night with Kylie *OOOH GOSSIP*

Tinie Tempah may only be 22, but that hasn't stopped the London-born lush getting down* with none other than 43-year-old Kylie!

With pride, the rapper said: "I was doing Ibiza Rocks, Kylie came down to support me. We ended up staying up all night partying, until the sun came up. Kylie is the best person to go out partying with. She's so much fun."

Tinie Tempah and KylieBig night: Tinie and Kylie partied hard in Ibiza /Getty

At the time of the gig, Kylie was still seeing her former beau, Andrew Velencoso and the pair popped to Tinie's gig to show their support. * Ahh, so we'll stop getting excited about a hot new couple!*

His night with Kylie is just one of the revelations in the star's new book, 'Tinie Tempah My Story So Far' there is plenty of juicy celebrity meets which took him from befriending everyone from rap royalty a la Jay —Z and Snoop Dogg to actual royalty…

At Radio 1's Big Weekend in Bangor, Tinie came off stage shirtless and sweaty (OOOH we're blushing) to meet none other than Prince William and Kate Middleton…

Tinie TempahJump around: The star reveals all in his autobiography / Adam Lawrence
"William put his hand on my shoulder and I cringed. I was so sweaty, like Eurgggh. He made a little joke about my trousers being so low, saying he thought they were going to fall off halfway through my performance and said he loves going to festivals but he goes incognito."

For most of us, meeting the royals would be the highlight of our lives, just to check out Kate's style in the flesh and see if William is hot or not! But not for Tinie who already has had some incredible experiences.

Making the front page of The Times after being nominated for four BRIT Awards was an unforgettable moment for Tinie and one he'll treasure forever.

Tinie Tempah my story so farHot stuff: The book is crammed with endless hot pics of Tinie / Adam Lawrence

"It was a bid gay for rap, for Black British music and for black kids in general. Without a doubt that's been one of the most important, significant accomplishments of not just my career, but my life to date." *AWWW*

There's not a musician in the UK who doesn't have an opinion on the 'X Factor' and Tinie is no exception although his quick to diss its musical value:

"[The 'X Factor has] become a form of entertainment in its own right really, instead of a way to find new talent.  But it does give people a chance to live out their dreams."

Tinie tempah and kelly rowlandFirm friends: Tinie hopes Kelly doesn't let the 'X Factor' change her / Getty

The show also introduced us all to Kelly Rowland who omg! in particular are LOVING! Something savvy Tinie saw before the rest of us.

"I went to one of the live shows with Kelly Rowland. I'm so glad 'Invincible' gave me the opportunity to work with Kelly. I just hope she doesn't go all superstar on me because of 'X Factor!'" We hope so too!

And if Tinie's heartbreakingly-hot looks, incredible talent and celebrity connections even enough to make you melt, here is how JLS describe him:

"When he gets on stage he has the swagger of Jay-Z, it's electrifying. Then when you meet him offstage he's totally chilled out, like one of your family." * If only he was one of our family, our husbands perhaps?

*on the dance floor.

Quotes taken from 'My Story So Far' by Tinie Tempah (£14.99, Ebury Press)