Tinchy Stryder EXCLUSIVE: Professor Green should be respected for speaking his mind

Professor Green has been voicing some pretty controversial opinions recently the latest was aired this afternoon when he slated Kristen Stewart for cheating on Robert Pattinson.

tinchy stryder professor greenTinchy Stryder has defended Professor Green. Copyright [Getty]

Professor Green tweeted: "being a cheating s**tbag aside i actually feel sorry for Kirsten Stewart, she may as well have cheated on justin bieber. #careersuicide [sic]"

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This comment followed yesterday's efforts where the rapper posted: "bulimia is quite an intelligent eating disorder."

Cue a nice backlash on Twitter and a seemingly forced apology from the star. But despite some fans being appalled by the tweets, Millie Mackintosh's boyfriend has one celebrity supporter…

tinchy stryderTinchy Stryder thinks Professor Green is a 'cool guy'. Copyright [WENN]

As he launched the Halfords BMX Sessions Tinchy Stryder spoke to omg! about whether being controversial was part of the rap and grime scene.

Tinchy told us: "Pro Green is a cool guy he does what he feels like. To an extent some artists do really well and there's no controversy, but with people such as Dappy he just says things, he doesn't try to be controversial.

"And you've got to respect him for speaking his mind and he'll have to take whatever consequences come of it."

tinchy stryder dappyTinchy also defended his pal Dappy. Copyright [WENN]

We're not sure said consequences will effect Professor Green too much either.

Talk then turned to previous criticism that the Hackney-born rapper had lost his street cred because he's dating Made In Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh.

Once again Tinchy was quick to jump to Professor Green's defense adding: "Half of that is because people are jealous.

"Having  a girlfriend from Made In Chelsea doesn't take away your street cred, I don't think that'll affect him."

If anything, having a hot girl like Millie on the show encouraged TV-avoiding Tinchy to tune in.

"I don't really watch TV, I watch music football and some films," he said. "But I heard about Pro Green's girlfriend and  she looked good so I started watching it Made In Chelsea [laughs]."

tinchy stryderTinchy is supporting the Halfords BMX Sessions. Copyright [Halfords]

When our interview was cut short, we asked Tinchy's management for more time and the rapper insisted we carried on chatting — bless.

And his charitable side doesn't just extend to his support of fellow celebrities or journalists, he's just teamed up with Halfords to launch free BMX coaching sessions for 9-14 year olds.

Speaking at the launch he said: "When I was young there wasn't much around, I thought I was cool when I had a BMX, but I realised I'm nowhere near as cool as some of the kids on bikes."

Tinchy Stryder is supporting the Halfords BMX Sessions, free events for kids aged 9-14 that fuse BMX coaching and music. Sign up at Halfords.co.uk/BMX by 5th August