Thom Evans strips almost-naked and shows off his defined bum, chats being overly in love with Jessica Lowndes - in your FACE, Kelly Brook

Thom Evans has made it very obvious that he's WELL over Kelly Brook, cosying up to new girlfriend Jessica Lowndes in a cringe-worthy photoshoot this week.

Thom Evans looks WELL cringey in the pictures, showing off his toned bum. Copyright [D.HEDRAL]

And now he's taking things to a whole new level, stripping down to his boxers for the ultimate Zoolander-inspired shoot.

Thom shows off his stupidly-toned bod in the steamy snaps, striking just one particular pose in a pair of D.HEDRAL's Gigolo Joe briefs (just the name makes us 'LOLZ') in the middle of a desert.

Throwing a sultry look over his left shoulder and sticking his VERY defined buttocks out, Thom nailed the 'Girl look at that body... I work out' (sing it, you know you want to) look.

According to the press release, the pants have special bum-defining panels, including: "Patented 'AngleFit' technology for a perfect fit, extreme comfort and a visibly enhanced silhouette (as displayed perfectly by Thom)."

You got that right.

Thom Evans has posed for these hilarious D.HEDRAL's iconic Gigolo Joe briefs pictures. Check out his defined bum …

The 28-year-old is currently making the most of his time in the limelight following his split from Kelly.

This week he has taken part in a Baywatch-style beach photoshoot with Jessica for OK! Magazine, insisting that he's totally over Kelly and that they "don't really speak".

When asked if Jessica is just a rebound, he told the mag: "No not at all. There was absolutely no game playing and it was just so easy."

He went on to gush about how perfect Jessica is, even hinting that they're looking to move in together.

Thom Evans says he's totally smitten with Jessica Lowndes. Copyright [Getty]

He said: "You put a lot of pressure on yourself to try and find that person who ticks all the boxes, and I certainly never thought it would happen for a while, but Jess ticks them all.

"She's really kind, easy to get along with and obviously extremely attractive, she's all that in one."

And it sounds like Thom had no qualms showing off his best bits on their first date, with Jessica apparently seeing his naked rugby calendar pic when they first met (picture this: 'Oh THAT, that's just a silly screensaver, here's the hi-res version').

She added: "I have [seen it] and it's hot! I saw it on the first date, but I don't want my friends seeing it!"

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That's a gold medal from us! Daley posts this eyewatering snap on Instagram of his hot bod. Copyright: [Instagram}
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