The Wanted's Max George: On snogging Lindsay Lohan and getting drunk with Ed Sheeran - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

The Wanted's Max George has revealed he and the boys had a seriously messy week with Lindsay Lohan and Ed Sheeran.

The Wanted chat One Direction, Lindsay Lohan and Ed Sheeranomg! spoke to The Wanted on the red carpet at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball

Now that's a group we never quite put together.

Speaking to us exclusively at the Capital FM Jingle Bell Ball, Max told us the story behind them getting friendly with LiLo.

He said: "We met her on a night out and she was really cool and she really liked our music so she came on the tour bus and Ed Sheeran came on and we had one big messy week."

Asked if he snogged Lindsay he joked: "Did I snog her or him? Me and Ed were getting it on all the time" before adding "she's just a friend to all of us now."

The Mancunian, who was previously engaged to Corrie's Michelle Keegan, told ITN that she was pretty much a groupie.

Asked whether he was dating the wild child he said: "No, what's the right word for her? A yeah, a groupie!"

Nathan then joked: "She is probably hiding in our suitcase right now!

With both Linds and Ed being the chosen celebs for The Wanted to hang out with, it's clear to us he's got a penchant for a certain hair colour.

Does he like a ginger, then?

"Absolutely yeah. I mean I love Ed especially".

And bandmate Tom Parker revealed that 'Lego House' singer Ed Sheeran is a pretty good person to hang with on tour.

He said: "Ed Sheeran is the craziest ginger mother f***** I've ever seen. He is wild. He was just on the tour bus getting pissed and then Max took a picture of him asleep in the bunk passed out."

Max added: "He got nominated for a Grammy. We sort of sobbed for a bit [when we weren't nominated]. But I was more happy for Ed. He was such a nice lad and so overwhelmed by it all."

The Wanted chatted to us at the Jingle Bell Ball. Copyright [Rex]