The Voice UK coach slams Leanne Mitchell’s record company for album flop - says they should be ‘freakin’ embarrassed’ has now waded in on The Voice UK series one winner Leanne Mitchell album flop debate, blaming her record label for delaying its release.

The Voice coach has laid the blame squarely in the hands of Leanne’s record label Universal for the album’s less than inspiring charting of 135 earlier this month.

He told The Radio Times: “The record company should be freakin’ embarrassed. Somebody should be held accountable.

“These singers are on television every week. So you’ve already accomplished things that stars don’t accomplish.

“Do you wait a year later? Somebody should get slapped because you waited too long.”

Harsh words from Mr there – although we do think he does have a point.

Fellow coach Danny O’Donoghue previously blamed Leanne herself for the album’s failure, claiming that she was work shy.

He said: That's not my fault, that's not the show's fault, that's not the BBC's fault, that's just her fault. You can take an artist like that and question their work ethic.

"I was told by Tom Jones, and by the label as well, that Leanne just did not want to work as hard as you have to work to be a pop star.

"She wanted to come on a show and win a singing contest. That's good for her, because she won the show. But it's not good for the premise of the show." came up with a novel way to add some excitement to The Voice UK. Copyright [BBC] meanwhile also came up with a novel way of improving the show’s flagging ratings, by dunking rejects in water.

He explained: “It needs to be better than it was at the beginning.

“Something like where you could actually dunk them. ‘I don’t like ’em’ and they’re in the water’.

“An exit button and you just catapult them out.”

Now THAT is something we would watch.

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