The Apprentice 2013 Final: Doctor Leah Totton takes on glamour puss Luisa Zissman – but who will Lord Sugar go into business with?

After ten weeks of botched tasks, Lord Sugar one liners and countless scathing raised eyebrows from Nick Hewer, The Apprentice 2013 final is upon us.

Luisa Zissman will take on Leah Totton in The Apprentice 2013 final tonight. Copyright [AP]But who will be taking home the £250,000 business investment?

Just Doctor Leah Totton with her Botox clinic business plan and the always controversial Luisa Zissman with her bakery business remain.

The two candidates will go head to head and launch their businesses this evening, giving them their final chance to convince Lord Sugar that he should invest in them.

But who will win?

Leah Totton

Could Leah Totton win The Apprentice 2013? Copyright [BBC]She’s great with numbers and has been mostly consistent throughout (ignoring her gut on the Dubai task nearly lost her her place during week five) but she certainly knows her field and has now blossomed as a business woman.

Leah struggled to find her voice initially but soon firmly found her place amongst the crowded group of huge personalities.

She may not have always come across as the warmest of candidates throughout the competition but her steely determination, strong mindedness and not to mention a love of lip gloss have seen her through to the end.

Leah Totton nearly lost her place in week 5 of The Apprentice but bounced back. Copyright [BBC]Sir Alan raised a red flag last week about the morality of her business plan – to set up a chain of medical cosmetic clinics across the UK – but put her through nonetheless thanks to the mogul's inability to step away from a challenge.

One thing Lord Sugar shouldn’t worry about is working alongside Leah. She may have been involved in one or two spats with her fellow candidates during the process but she’s ultimately managed to keep her cool.

With Nick and Karen also singing her praises it seems her only undoing could be her potentially risky business plan.

This being said, Sir Alan may not be averse to filling in a few frown lines of his own ahead of series 10.

Luisa Zissman

Could Luisa Zissman win The Apprentice 2013? Copyright [AP]Without a doubt the most caustic and talked about contestant the show has ever seen since, well, ever.

On screen she’s divided viewers with her views on being a woman in business and in the papers her wild party lifestyle has made her a tabloid sensation.

Even in today’s Sun, the controversial candidate admitted: “If you’re a smart girl and want to get your boobs out, do it.

“If a girl’s on Page 3, it makes her smart for using something she’s got to make money.”

Luisa Zissman posted this picture of herself online today alongside the caption: 'At least I'm not boring'. Copyright …Not exactly what you’d expect a potential associate of Alan Sugar to say, but she must have done something right in his eyes to get all the way to the final.

When we first met Luisa, no one thought she’d last very long at all.

Describing herself as having the ‘energy of a Duracell bunny, sex appeal of Jessica Rabbit, and a brain like Einstein’ wasn’t going to win her any fans or credibility fast.

However, with three successful businesses already under her belt, Luisa proved week-on-week that she was more than able to win tasks thanks to her savvy, if unorthodox, approach to business.

She of course has her faults, bullying lovable Jason to the point that he abdicated from his position of PM wasn’t her finest moment – but when push comes to shove she can reign in it for the sake of winning a task (and her own neck).

Luisa’s business plan to open a baking supplies organisation impressed Lord Sugar and of the two finalists is closest to what he deals with on a day-to-day basis.

The only person really standing in the way of Luisa winning the show, aside from Leah, is Lusia.

She may have managed to win out over her fellow candidates so far, but will Lord Sugar really want to run the risk of paying £250,000 for years and years worth of potential headaches? 

The Apprentice Final airs tonight on BBC1 at 8pm.

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