Tess Daly talks about her boobs, Holly Willoughby has nothing to worry about

When Tess Daly appeared on Strictly Come Dancing in a VERY low cut red dress which showed off her impressive cleavage, our eyes popped and Twitter went crazy.

Tess DalyTess Daly usually keeps her boobs covered up. Copyright [WENN]We wondered whether Tess Daly was going to start getting her boobs out every week and give Holly Willoughby a run for her money in the Best Boobs on TV stakes.

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However, Tess Daly has revealed that the revealing dress was actually just a mistake, and she won't be making a habit of showing off her boobs.

Tess told Hello! magazine that she had no idea how revealing the dress was, until she appeared on the spin off show, It Takes Two.

Tess DalyIt was this look that got us wondering whether Tess is becoming the new Holly. Copyright [BBC]Tess said: "I went, "Oh my god, why did nobody tell me about the boobs?"

She continued: "What happened was, the bra I had on didn't fit the dress so I wore one of those designs that has gel at the sides, which kind of pushes you up and, I guess, gives you an extra couple of cup sizes."

Tess DalyTess Daly always looks amazing. Copyright [WENN]However, Tess has no aims to become the new Holly Willoughby - and has promised to keep her assets firmly covered up for the rest of Strictly.

She said: "I don't usually show a lot of cleavage, it's not in my comfort zone. That'll be the first and last time. The people at home don't want to see that, it's distracting."

Well to be fair Tess, if our boobs were as good as yours we'd show them off all the time. If you've got it, flaunt it.