Taylor Swift wrote I Knew You Were Trouble about Harry Styles, why are we not surprised?

Taylor Swift's song I Knew You Were Trouble is reportedly '100 per cent' about her ex, One Direction's Mr Harry Styles.

Taylor Swift dated Harry Styles until this Christmas. Copyright: [splash]

A source told RadarOnline.com: "I Knew You Were Trouble' is one hundred percent about Harry."

Granted, he is very troublesome.

"Taylor knew he was young and popular with the ladies and wasn't ready for a serious relationship, but somehow hoped she could make it work."

The song features lyrics such as: "When your saddest fear comes creeping in, that you never loved me, or her or anyone or anything."

Yeah, pretty awkward stuff.

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But the song came out BEFORE they were dating, we hear you scream.

Aha, yes but lest we forget that Harry and Taylor go WAY back.

Yes, before their whirlwind romance over Christmas the pair had encountered each other before.

Taylor and Harry allegedly dated in April. [Copyright Wenn]

Back in the summer, it was revealed that they had been seeing each other until Taylor was left with a broken heart after seeing pictures of Harry kissing another girl in the press.

The source added: "Taylor was crushed over Harry the first time they dated, and like she always does, she penned a song about him to deal with her broken heart."

Plus, true to say the day after the couple reportedly split Taylor quoted the song on her Twitter, writing: 'Until you put me down'.

*raises eyebrow*

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