Taylor Swift is reportedly an absolute mess following that almighty row with Harry Styles

Taylor Swift is believed to be an absolute mess since deciding to split with One Direction's Harry Styles.

Taylor and Harry went their seperate ways since the New Year. Copyright: [rex/splash]

Yep, Taylor is apparently kicking herself following THAT 'almighty row' in the Virgin Islands and wishes she could patch things up with the 1D star.

A source told Star magazine: "She can't snap out of it. Taylor is putting on a brave face to the public, but she is a complete mess. Taylor has been crying nonstop."

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And it probably doesn't help when everyone insists on taking the pee out of Taylor at every opportunity, including Tina Fey at the Golden Globe Awards.

The source said: "Taylor thought Tina's taunt was a low blow, and she bawled herself to sleep that night."

Taylor Swift at the Golden Globes. Copyright: [rex]

In case you missed it, Tina poked fun at Taylor's long list of celeb exes which include dated Conor Kennedy, Taylor Lautner, Jake Gyllenhaal and John Mayer.... phew!

Salt and wounds springs to mind.

The source added: "That's when it hit her that she has such a horrible reputation, it could affect her professionally."

"It breaks her heart to be made fun of so publicly, especially because her fans are starting to join in on the backlash."

"But she's putting herself in this position by dating so many high-profile guys and writing about them afterward."

Well, we suppose the only time we will know for sure how Taylor is feeling is when her next album comes out... until then we will just have to keep guessing.

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