Taylor Swift is pretty hot isn’t she? We can totes see what Harry Styles is into…

Taylor Swift really is pretty fit, isn't she?

Taylor looked hot today... *sigh* Copyright: [rex]

Just check her out at the airport, she even managed to look seriously hot when in transit: that is surely some sort of talent.

Not that she doesn't have enough already being a superstar pop star type.

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We are absolutely loving her comfy looking jumper and even reckon she manages to pull off those weird jodpur things she is rocking.

Is it any wonder she's has (or hasn't) pulled the king of fit himself, Mr Harry Styles?

Harry is fit, that is all Copyright: [wenn]

Harry Styles is a man of good taste so what did we expect?

Honestly, he really has sampled some of the most beautiful ladies in all of showbiz.

Caroline Flack? Fit. Cara Delevigne? Fit. Pixie Geldof? Fit.

Every lady who has had an alleged ride in his Range Rover has been a massive babe, so we weren't surprised to hear Taylor's name be added to the list.

And it seems things could be getting more serious for the alleged couple, after rumours started that Taylor is house hunting here in London!

"She's been interested in buying a house in the UK for a while. But after months of not really mentioning it, Taylor's suddenly instructed an estate to get on it ASAP!" a source tells Look Magazine.

"She's even asked Harry if he'll come and look at some places with her, since he knows the area."

Well, you know, it's always nice to have a tour guide, isn't it?

"Taylor says the reason things fizzled out last time was because they had no time together. I'm sure their recent contact is behind her sudden enthusiasm to buy in London."

"She says they'll be able to pick up where they left off."

*nudge, nudge, wink, wink*