Taylor Swift and Harry Styles split: Were the DIRECTIONERS to blame?

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift only split up yesterday, but already it seems like there are more stories about the split than they were when they were together.

Harry Styles and Taylor SwiftHarryand Taylor split yesterday. Copyright [Splash]

And there were A LOT of stories around when they were together, trust us.

It may have only been 65 days but boy, did a lot go on... mainly holidays.

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The ins and the outs of the split are starting to properly unravel and it would seem that Taylor was definitely the one behind the dumping.

Sources close to the stars say that Taylor started to hate all the attention from the One Direction fans and couldn’t stand it when Harry would constantly stop and pose for photos.

Harry Styles and Taylor SwiftHaylor, er, posing with fans. Copyright [Twitter]

The insider told the Daily Star newspaper: "Taylor's been in the industry longer than Harry.”

"She finds it embarrassing that he always stops for female fans posing for endless photographs and signing autographs.”

Harry StylesHarry Styles was pictured chatting to fans as he made his way to a recording studio. Copyright [Rex]

"But she told Harry she thought it was really cheap. Harry's a happy-go-lucky guy and would never dream of snubbing fans.”

"However, Taylor told him she didn't like him constantly chatting and flirting with girls. Harry's a cheeky charmer, he finds all the attention funny and flattering.”

And true to his word, what was Harry snapped doing just the day after the split? Well, chatting with Directioners, of course!

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