Has Taylor Swift had a BOOB JOB? We THOUGHT things were looking rather perky!

When we saw recent pictures of Taylor Swift at the People's Choice Awards, we have to say we were drawn in by one thing.

Don't pretend you weren't looking at her boobs... Copyright: [wenn]

Well, er, two things to be precise.

Ms Swift's boobs were looking absolutely HUGE!

And now it is reported that it took more than just a little hand from Mother Nature to get them looking so perky.

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Top plastic surgeon type, Dr. Michael Fiorillo told InTouch magazine that he believes the 23-year-old country singer boosted her breast size going from an A cup to a B.

He told the mag: "You can see the implants."


Has Taylor had a boob job? Copyright: [Splash]

Well, whether Taylor's has a little surgical hand or not, we have to say she does have some of the best boobs in Hollywood.

Just ask her recent ex, Harry Styles.

Or don't as he is probably still snivelling away in a dark room somewhere.

In other Taylor news, it's also reported that the star set her sights on a new man target at this year's Golden Globes.

Taylor has her sights set of Brad. Copyright: [wenn]

It's believed that Taylor, 23, and Taylor's boobs rather fancied the look of a certain Bradley Cooper (yeah, get in line love) and begged mutual pal, Jennifer Lawrence to hook her up.

All was going great until Bradders, 38, er, refused Taylor's advances with the thought he is just too old for her!

As a source puts it: "It was an ambitious move from Taylor, but she's going to have to fixate on someone else as Bradley's just not that into her."


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