Taylor Swift grab a pen, Ed Sheeran's hanging out with his ex-girlfriend. Eek!

Taylor Swift had better watch out after her reported new boyfriend Ed Sheeran spent the weekend with his ex girlfriend.

Ed Sheeran is a man in demand, clearly. Copyright: [wenn]

Ed is currently in Australia and reportedly invited his ex, Aussie Big Brother star Camilla Severi to an after party in Brisbaine.

The Sun claims that at 11pm, Ed met Camilla at The Hilton hotel - where he was staying - and spent the rest of the evening with her in the bar with his crew.

A source revealed: "They got together when Ed played in Brisbane last year. Their relationship didn’t last long but they parted on good terms and kept in touch."

“She has even visited him in the States when he’s toured over there.”

Ed Sheeran is reportedly dating Taylor Swift... weird. Copyright: [rex]

Well, here's hoping that things stayed in the bar or just WHAT will alleged new girlfriend Taylor Swift say/write?

Ed has been linked to Taylor since she split up with his BFF Harry Styles from One Direction.

Yep, talk about a pop love triangle.

Ed and Taylor have been mates since they recorded together on Taylor's album Red.

Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift are reportedly dating for the second time. Copyright [Twitter/Taylor Swift]

It's only recently that they were romantically linked after Taylor split up with Harry.

Ed has denied the romance saying the old classic: "We're just good friends"... translation: "We're just snogging 24/7."

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