Taylor Swift FINALLY ditches the red (almost)

Over the last few weeks we've noticed that Taylor Swift has worn an array of outfits with one major similarity: the colour red.

Taylor Swift slowly moves away from her red obsession. [Wenn]

At first we thought this may have been something to do with promoting her new album, which goes by the aforementioned colour, but then we weren't so sure.

The 'You Belong With Me Singer' continued to wear the colour long after the album had been released making us think that Taylor was addicted wearing all things red.

Now it seems, however, that Taylor Swift is on the mend- branching out and wearing clothes from a different colour palette.

Or perhaps she finally listened to us?

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Taylor was pictured yesterday leaving the BBC Radio 2 studio wearing, shock of shocks, a blue polka dot jumper and maroon tailored trousers.

Now we know that maroon isn't a far cry from Taylor's favourite colour but it's a step in the right direction.

Later on however, Taylor was pictured leaving her hotel in another outfit that, low and behold, didn't include the colour red.

Could Taylor's new fashion fix be polka dots? [Wenn]

Aside from the Starbucks takeaway cup she was holding, the singer staved off the colour entirely looking cute in a blue polka dot collared dress and black tights.

Uh-oh, it seems that Taylor has replaced her red obsession with a new one, polka dots.

Watch this space.

Taylor Swift recently announced that her next single from her number one album 'Red' will be 'I Knew You Were Trouble.'