Taylor Swift has a sly dig at Harry Styles during BRITs performance, points at Caroline Flack during 'Trouble' - EXCLUSIVE

Taylor Swift made the ultimate sly dig at Harry Styles during her BRITs 2013 performance last night, pointing at his ex-girlfriend, Caroline Flack, during THAT line in 'Trouble'. #Awkward

BRITs 2013: Taylor Swift pointed at Harry Styles' ex-girlfriend, Caroline Flack, during her performance. Copyright …

Taking to the stage in a white wedding dress and then stripping down into a black lacy playsuit in an Forget You-style performance, Taylor didn't even send one glance towards Harry's table.

But while the pair were definitely avoiding eye contact, we couldn't help but notice Taylor make a VERY subtle dig at him.

Omg! were stationed side of stage and spotted Taylor point directly at Caroline during the 'her' part of the line, 'that you never loved me or her, or anyone'.

Taylor Swift avoided eye contact with Harry Styles during her BRITs 2013 perfromance. Copyright [Rex]

And we couldn't help but notice the girls avoid eye contact - despite being inches away - when Taylor walked past her table on the way backstage earlier in the evening.

The whole thing was seriously awks and was made even worse by Taylor and Harry's 'opposite sides of the arena' rule.

Taylor made sure she exited the stage on the right side, while the rest of her dancers exited to the left.

Harry Styles and Taylor Swift were given opposite sides of the arena at the BRITs 2013. Copyright [Rex]

The former couple were forcibly kept apart; One Direction were even guided back down the left side of the stage after accepting their award and attempting to walk down Taylor's side.

Even Taylor and Harry's dressing rooms were in completely separate parts of the arena, with Taylor sharing her corridor with Justin Timberlake, Ben Howard, Mumford and Sons and Robbie Williams.

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Caroline Flack watched Taylor Swift's BRITs 2013 performance intently. Copyright [Rex]

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But despite all the effort put into keeping the pair apart, that didn't stop an awkward run-in after the show.

Omg! managed to sneak backstage and spotted Taylor being ushered away after Harry stopped by to visit Ben Howard.

The pair were inches away and it didn't take long for Taylor to make a dash for the exit.

BRITs 2013: One Direction looked very dapper in their co-ordinating outfits. Copyright [PA]
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