‘Taylor Swift is bat sh*t crazy’ says Jack Osbourne’s wife Lisa, we have a little LOL

It seems everyone has their own view on the Taylor Swift and Harry Styles split, and celeb land is no exception.

Lisa reckons Taylor Swift must be batsh*t crazy! LOL! Copyright: [wenn]

And one lady's opinion really did catch our attention in particular this afternoon.

Jack Osbourne's wife Lisa Shelley got very ranty on Twitter yesterday, saying how Taylor is just simply 'bat sh*t crazy'.

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In all its glory, Lisa wrote:

"Either Taylor Swift is bat sh*t crazy & causes every guy to dump her, or she has too high standards for these poor guys! droppin' like flies."


Harry Styles and Taylor SwiftHarryand Taylor split yesterday. Copyright [Splash]

However, Lisa has since tweeted about the fact that everyone is now talking about her tweets, asking 'don't you have anything better to write about?'

Lisa wrote: ""Really @mailonline ? A 'scathing attack'? Love how me making a joke turns into a huge deal. Don't you guys have anything better to write abt."

Well, the fact is not really, and your tweets made us LOL.

And the fact is, she kind of has a point - after all Taylor's list of celeb ex boyfriends really is starting to get as long as War and Peace.

Harry Styles, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Taylor Lautner and even a flippin' Kennedy!

Oh well, at least now she will have LOTS of material for her new album.

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