Taylor Swift back in UK to win Harry Styles back with gifts on his birthday – EXCLUSIVE

When Taylor Swift was photographed arriving back in the UK today, rumours were rife that the reason for her return was for a huge showdown with Harry Styles.

Taylor Swift is back in the UK to try and win Harry Styles back. Copyright [Splash]However, a source has exclusively told us that the reason for Taylor Swift's return is actually to plan a special BIRTHDAY present for Harry Styles, in the hope of winning him back.

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The source told Yahoo! omg!: "Taylor is refusing to give up on their romance even though Harry walked away and has told her he’s not committing to anyone at the moment. Taylor came to London to talk to Harry face to face about spending his birthday with her."

Taylor Swift is clearly over writing heart-break songs about Harry Styles. Copyright [Taylor Swift]The musical pair were famously still an item when Taylor celebrated her 23rd birthday last month - and remembering the day has apparently made her all emotional.

Our source said: "Taylor cannot get Harry out of her blood. She wants him back and she feels very emotional about his 19th birthday coming up.

"She was so touched and happy having spent her birthday with him where he showered her with gifts, had cup cakes made, and took her on a romantic walk."

Harry StylesHarry Styles was photographed looking a bit apprehensive earlier - maybe down to Taylor showing up? Copyright  …And it seems that Taylor Swift wants to make an equally MASSIVE deal of Harry Styles's birthday.

The source said: "Taylor has come to the UK to try and sort out something special for Harry’s birthday and source some of Harry’s favourite food - tins of mandarin oranges."

Harry Styles and Taylor SwiftHarry Styles and Taylor Swift were together for her birthday. Copyright [Splash]"When Taylor met Harry’s dad, Des, he told her about his childhood addiction to tins of mandarin oranges and how he’d go through 4 or 5 tins a day. Taylor wants to find his favourite bits like that and have package for him on the day."

However, it's not just oranges she's planning on giving him: "Taylor has also got Harry a set of golf clubs as he loves golf. He told her he longs to get away sometimes and get better at golf."

It remains to be seen whether Harry's won back by oranges and golf...