Strictly Come Dancing’s Alesha Dixon goes all Sergeant Major!

Ooh we love it when celebs get all bosy. Alesha Dixon has spoken about about the need for this year's Strictly Come Dancing contestants to train HARD.

Speaking to Digital Spy, Alesha said: "My main thing is don't slack in the training. Don't put four hours in and think you're going to be okay."

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Oh Gosh, sorry Alesha. Please don't make us drop and give you twenty. What should the celebs be doing?

"I remember doing ten hours a day training from Monday to Friday when I was on the show," she said, "Then we'd finish the show on Saturday and I'd get dragged to training on a Sunday."

Blimey, no wonder you were so good.

"I used to get to Friday nights and think, 'I don't think I've mastered it yet'. Matt [Cutler] would say, 'There's not enough hours in the day'.You can never train enough.

"I think that willingness and dedication is a key to winning though."

Wow, we're feeling all fired up after that pep talk. *Salutes*