Strictly 2012: Louis Smith confirms he’s taking his top off in the final, VICTORY!

Crack open the champers, Louis Smith has finally confirmed that he WILL be getting his top off over on tonight's Strictly Come Dancing final.

Louis couldn't decide what to wear so opted for nothing. Copyright [Heat]

Speaking to omg! yesterday, Louis told us: "Yes it’s true I’m taking my top off."

Can we just speak for womankind when we say: YESSSSSSSSS!

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"The music’s quite contemporary and the dance is quite contemporary and because there’s strength in the show, it doesn’t make sense to do it in baggy trousers and shoes."

We agree, it just WOULDN'T make sense!

Louis and Flavia in their final rehearsals. Copyright: [rex]

"So I’ve gone with tight trousers and then it doesn’t make sense to have a top on as well. When you watch it you’ll understand why we’ve gone with that decision."

OK, if we MUST then we will be sure to tune in...

...and Sky Plus and then watch on repeat and then watch on repeat again.

Plus, this means we FINALLY had our way then!

Since, Strictly kicked off what seems like a million years ago, we have been determined to see him get his top off.

We made sure we asked him every time we saw him on a red carpet, which he just LOVED we are sure.

However, obviously persistence pays and tonight all our hard work is set to pay off!

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The Olympian is currently the bookies favourite to lift the glitter ball trophy on  tonight’s Strictly final.