Stooshe eat sushi and tell us: Kim Kardashian is a hard working businesswoman

You couldn't go meet Stooshe and not take any sushi, right? It's just simple logic.

Hey Stooshe, we come bearing sushi! Copyright: [omg!]

So off we went to meet  Alex, Karis and Courtney armed with a bag of sushi and a load of questions.

In case you don't know (we didn't) the 'she' in Stooshe represents female empowerment aka girl power so we were keen to find out if the girls are Spice Girl fans.

Er, duh! Of course they are.

The girls told us: "They are an incredible British girl band, the Closing Ceremony was amazing. Plus, those pictures they posted on Twitter made us so happy!"

What's Stooshe without a bit of sushi? Copyright: [omg!]

However, considering the girls are all about being strong females, we wanted to know if they ever feel pressure to wear skimpy clothes like so many popstars.

Karis says: "I think we are such real girls, we will always be ourselves. I will wear a bra top and shorts as long as I know it's not just so someone buys our song."

Courtney agreed, saying: "Yeah, it's about being comfortable and confident".

Hear, hear!

Stooshe LOVE sushi. Probably. Copyright: [omg!]

So what do they make of celebrities who constantly post daily bikini updates via Twitter.

*ahem* Kim Kardashian.

Courtney says:  "We love Kim Kardashian. It doesn't matter how you become famous, it's how you sustain it. She's a model now, she has a clothing range — she's a business woman."

Fancy some sushi, Stooshe? Copyright: [omg!]

Alex jumped in saying how while people might not agree whether she deserves to be famous, she is now and is rocking it!

Alex says: "People have mixed opinions on why she is famous but now she is famous, she works so hard and if she wants to show her body then good for her!"

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"It's going to be in the magazines anyway so she might as well! I like Kim Kardashian, she is sexy" she added.

We have to agree with the girls: Kim K is pretty damn sexy.

We don't think we will ever tire of her daily swimwear updates, even though we do feel like we see more of her than most of our immediate family.