Stacey Solomon EXCLUSIVE: Nicole Scherzinger is so pretty, I can’t wait for her X Factor outfits

When it comes to girl crushing Nicole Scherzinger is at the top of our list and she's also topped former X Factor star, Stacy Solomon's list who praises the latest addition to the talent show.

stacey solomonStacey at the launch of Cartoon Network’s Alien Guinness World Record challenge, touring the country this summ …

Stacy told omg!: "Nicole's so pretty and I can't wait to check out all the outfits she is going to wear.

"That's definitely my favourite bit when all the judges come out and you get to see their outfits for the first time."

Us too!

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After her stint on the X Factor, Stacey is a seasoned pro at chemistry between the judges and she reckons Tulisa and Nicole will create the perfect dynamic.

We spoke to Stacey at the launch of Cartoon Network's Alien Guinness World Record challenge, and she said:

"Tulisa and Nicole will have good chemistry, they both have strong opinions so I'm not sure that they would necessary agree on everything but I think as a pair they will be really great.

"It's really exciting when they change the judging panel — it makes you more intrigued as to how it's going to be different."

tulisa nicole scherzingerStacey thinks Tulisa and Nicole will have great chemistry. Copyright [Twitter]

Stacey has carved out an impressive celebrity career post the talent show and has every faith that last year's winners Little Mix will do the same...

"I am so excited about Little Mix bringing out their album," the bubbly blonde told us. "We've waited so long for a band to win the X Factor and I think they are brilliant."

And the foursome aren't the only girls she's getting behind.

Stacey revealed: "I was also a really big Amelia Lilly fan so I will also definitely get her single when it comes out."

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