Spice up the Olympics: Victoria Beckham and Emma Bunton send cryptic ‘confirmation’

The Spice Girls look very, very likely to perform at the Olympics closing ceremony next week.

Is this confirmation the Spices will be playing? Copyright: [Victoria Beckham]

This super exciting news comes after Victoria Beckham posted a Twitpic of a sparkly microphone, fueling rumors they are busy rehearsing.

She accompanied the picture with the message: 'Look what I found!! X vb'.

Well can anyone think of any other reasons why Ms VB would be larking about with one of those? No, us neither.

Now, either Posh Spice is a very cruel lady for leading us all astray like this or this closing ceremony just got a whole lot more exciting.

We hope they do Wannabe. Copyright: [rex]

Saying this, the band and Victoria's publicist are keeping quiet and have not confirmed whether the girls have been rehearsing.

But that also means they have said no and as we are glass half full types of ladies we are hanging on to the hope that Vic was sending us a Twitpic coded confirmation.

Further evidence came when Emma Bunton tweeted yesterday: 'My cheeks hurt!!!'.

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Here's hoping she means the ones on her face — definitely means she was having a massive laugh and we all know how much fun the girls have together.

Plus, Mel B and Mel C were both in London yesterday for definite after Mel B posted saying she was at Ciprianis restaurant and Mel C said she was at the Olympic ground.

Well, we reckon she wasn't the only Spice at the Olympic ground! Just call us Columbo.

However, if they do perform we fear it could be for the last time after Vic reportedly vowed to never sing with the band again.