Spice Girls Mel C: I once had a fight with Mel B

They may have seemed like the best of friends during their reunion at the Olympic Closing Ceremony, but it seems that Spice Girls Mel C and Mel B didn't always see eye-to-eye.

Mel C and Mel B didn't always see eye-to-eye. [Copyright Rex]

In an interview with today's Fabulous magazine, Mel C revealed that she had once got in a full on fight with Mel B after they had overindulged on a night out.

She told Fabulous: "Me and Melanie had a fight once"

"We were too drunk. We got a bit pushy, shovey and Geri stepped in the middle to break it up and ended up getting punched in the face."

Poor Geri!

Mel continued: "Then Melanie went off to be sick and because she'd been drinking too much port she accused me of making her bleed!"

Talk about drinking 'Too Much' *hehe*

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As for today, Mel C admits that she is still close with Emma Bunton and prefers that she doesn't always see the other girls as often.

Mel admitted: "Myself and Emma were the closest, and that's continued...I don't think I'd want all the girls living around the corner, to be fair."

When the girls do meet up however, there is no bad blood between them, instead they all reminisce about the good old days.

Mel admitted that when the girls do reform they enjoy every moment of it. [Copyright Rex]

"We get nostalgic. The times we talk about are being backstage, being in our hotel rooms and how much fun we had."

As for performing together again, Mel remained coy as to whether another reunion was on the cards but confessed that all the girls have enjoyed the moments when they have.

"When we've had opportunities to perform now we just think: 'Let's enjoy every single moment'."