Spencer says Heidi’s surgery was ‘beyond traumatising,’ compares it with Celebrity Big Brother ordeal

Heidi Montag famously had ten cosmetic procedures in one day back in 2009, something which at the time she was more than happy to talk about.

Heidi and SpencerHeidi and Spencer have spoken about Heidi's surgery. Copyright [Splash]However, during her time on Celebrity Big Brother, Heidi seemed reluctant to reveal anything about her surgery.

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But following the final of Celebrity Big Brother last week, Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt have both admitted that her surgery was a big mistake.

Speaking to OK! magazine, Spencer said that he was deeply traumatised by Heidi Montag's surgery.

Heidi Montag before and after her ten cosmetic proceduresHeidi Montag before and after her ten cosmetic procedures. Copyright [Splash]He said: "It was beyond traumatising watching Heidi go through that. That's why I was shocked that Celebrity Big Brother was equally challenging. I thought we had already been through the hardest times in our marriage."

Heidi, who underwent everything from a bum job to cheek fillers, went on to confirm that she almost died after the procedures.

Spencer compared CBB with the ordeal of Heidi's surgery. Copyright [WENN]She said: "I almost died. I had too much Demerol like Michael Jackson did and my breathing was five breaths per minute, which is like almost dead. It was traumatic. I was being criticised a lot for my appearance and it would really get to me. I didn't realise how much of a risk I was taking. I jumped into it a little recklessly."

Spencer said he wishes they'd thought about the effects of the surgery more thoroughly.

He said: "They sold us a dream. Heidi turned out great in the end but I nearly lost her in the process. Anyone who goes into surgery should know, it's not like popping to the shops. Emotionally and physically it's traumatising."

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