Spencer Matthews wants to return to Made in Chelsea, phew

We've been concerned for a while now what becoming the star of The Bachelor would mean for Spencer Matthews' Made in Chelsea future.

Spencer MatthewsSpencer Matthews has said he wants to return to Made in Chelsea. Copyright [WENN]However, Spencer Matthews has revealed that he hopes to return to Made in Chelsea for the fourth series.

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Spencer Matthews told Digital Spy: "The two shows don't conflict and there will be a season four of Made in Chelsea. Discussions are taking place right now and at no point have I left the show.

"I love the show and if I'm allowed to proceed, I'd want to take part again. It's just something we're talking about at the moment."

Spencer MatthewsSpencer Matthews has said that he has every intention to return to the show. Copyright [Rex]We're hoping that the Made in Chelsea producers do let Spencer back. After all, Amy Childs, Kirk Norcross and Mark Wright all had to leave TOWIE to pursue other TV careers as they weren't allowed to appear in other shows whilst on TOWIE.

Earlier this week, Made in Chelsea star Hugo Taylor confirmed that he was leaving the show, saying: "I often look at what I've done and think, 'S***, did I completely sell out?' Staying on Made in Chelsea and bitching about the colour of someone's dress has started to become unimportant to me."

We're glad to hear that Spencer is staying put. Hopefully.