Spencer Matthews asked Caggie Dunlop what Harry Styles is like in bed!

We can't imagine Caggie Dunlop is too pleased with Spencer Matthews after he revealed exactly what she told him about Harry Styles.

Caggie is believed to have dated Harry. Copyright: [wenn]

Spencer is pretty confident that although Caggie dated Harry, they never actually went all the way!

Despite the fact the pair had a bit of a fling, the Made in Chelsea stars are still close and Spencer reckons Caggie tells him everything.

And with that in mind, Spence reckons that he knew about Harry yonks before we did.

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He says: "I've known about that for absolutely ages, they hooked up a long time ago. I don't think they've slept together."

However, just to check Spencer decided to ask Cags outright. What a gent, eh?

The Batchelor star says: "I said, 'What's he like in bed?' and she said, 'I don't know.' I think if she had shagged him she'd have told me. I don't care if they have or not, so why lie about it?"

Spencer used to date Caggie. Copyright: [wenn]

Ooo so while they definitely had a snog, he's not sure if Caggie ever stayed over!

Plus, it seems even Spencer has a thing for Harry, after the Made in Chelsea star admitted to a bit of a man crush.

Spencer says: "He's great, I'm a massive Harry fan - I was like, 'Lucky bird!',"

Harry has since been spotted on two dates with stunning model type lady Cara Delevigne.

We consoled ourselves by having a giggle at her embarrassing teenage photos.