Spencer Matthews is ‘an arrogant, sleazy toff only interested in sex’

Made in Chelsea's Spencer Matthews is a love him or loathe him type of guy and there is one lady who most definitely falls into the latter category.

Is he really that bad, Danielle? Copyright: [wenn]

In a massive rant to Reveal magazine, The Batchelor's latest reject Danielle Sheehan revealed how she reckons Spencer Matthews is a toff who is after nothing but sex. Her words, not ours.

She says: "I couldn't see Spencer with any of the girls on the show. He's just so posh - he's out of touch with reality."

"I think he's a toff, he's not genuine, he's confused, he's arrogant, a bit of a t****r really - and not someone I'd go for."

OK, so we while we are not his biggest fan, we think this might be a bit far! We wonder if Danielle would have had the same to say if she had ended up winning the show?

Silly quiff, yes, but arrogant toff? Copyright: [wenn]

Danielle continued, we imagine probably going very red in the face around now:

"He is supposed to be looking for a serious relationship, but sleazing over the girls and getting off with them is not the way to go about it."

Fair point, well made.

"He comes across on camera like he's looking for a relationship, and that he's all about love, but off camera he just said, "F**k love, let's all just have sex!"

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And in that lovely vein, she assures us that the last thing on Spence's mind is love.

Danielle says: "Spencer isn't looking for love. He's a kid - he doesn't want anything serious."

Hilariously, she also revealed that Spencer made any girl over his height,  a rather teeny 5"9, wear flat flip flops hidden by long dresses.

She says: "Anyone taller than Spencer had to wear flip flops under a long dress. He likes short girls and he made a big issue about it. So all the tall girls, me included, just knew we wouldn't get far."

Poor old Spence, we suppose it's now over to him! Maybe she is just bitter because she kind of got a bit dumped?