Spencer Pratt and Heidi Motag say ‘self obsessed’ Harry Styles and Justin Bieber should hire them ‘to help them handle fame’ – EXCLUSIVE

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag reckon young stars like Harry Styles and Justin Bieber should hire them to give them a hand in handling their fame.

Heidi and Spencer reckon Harry and Biebs need a hand adjusting to fame. Copyright: [wenn]

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo omg! earlier this afternoon, the couple said that young stars today are totally self obsessed and in need of a reality check.

When we asked Spencer and Heidi whether they reckon Harry Styles and Taylor Swift could get back together they were quick to say no.

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"It would work if they could date themselves!" Spencer told us.

"They are all too famous and can't handle it, especially with websites like Twitter and Instagram, it's hard to stay humble."

"What's Justin Bieber been doing today? Probably posting photos of his a** on the internet."

"The plot is gone and they have lost their scripts."

Spencer and Heidi reckon young stars need their help. Copyright: [wenn]

So what solution do the reality stars have for these 'self obsessed' young stars? Well, hire Team Speidi to coach them through the world of fame, of course.

Spencer says: "I could make them so much more money, they should hire me!"

"I am hated, have no talent yet have made millions of dollars. They are well liked and talented, if only I had their careers!"

So if you are reading Harry Styles or Justin Bieber, Spencer Pratt is waiting to take your call.

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