Spencer and Heidi: Harry Styles and Taylor Swift could play us in a film about our lives

Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag have revealed that they would like to see exes Harry Styles and Taylor Swift portray them in a film about their lives.

An artistic impression of what Taylor and Harry could look like duing the 'Big Brother years'. Copyright [Rex/ …

Asked in an interview with this week’s OK! magazine as to who they would most like to see play them in a big screen adaptation of their lives, Heidi, 26, and Spencer, 29, picked the recently split pop couple.

Spencer told the magazine: “I really like Harry Styles- I think he would be perfect as the young Spencer.”

Heidi then added: “And Taylor Swift could play me, that would be perfect.

“I really hope they work things out, I think they could be like Speidi.”

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You hear that Harry and Taylor? Maybe one day you too could go on to become runners up to an X Factor contestant on Celebrity Big Brother if you play your cards right.

The couple went on talk about their own relationship, insisting that their differences make them compatible.

Heidi explained: “Spencer and I are very similar but we are very different. We are compatible.

“At the core, we have the same values, morals and priorities. Little details are different but that’s what makes it fun.”

Spencer admitted he never wanted to fall in love. Copyright [Channel 5]

Spencer continued: “Heidi has no dark side. She brings out any light that I have.

“I never wanted to be loving or have a girlfriend or get married. Before I met Heidi I was very anti-marriage. I had been around an awful lot of women who had an awful lot of motives.

“I was shocked when I found someone as good and pure-hearted as Heidi.”


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