Spencer and Heidi declare their love for the UK, go sightseeing around London

During their time in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Heidi and Spencer blew hot and cold when it came to what they thought of being in England.

Heidi and Spencer have fallen in love with the UK. Copyright [Twitter/Spencer Pratt]

The two simply couldn’t seem to make up their minds as to whether they loved or hated being here.

However, since leaving the house (and probably more importantly their housemates), Speidi can’t seem to be getting enough of our country.

Taking to Twitter today, Spencer tweeted a picture of himself with his wife during a day of visiting tourist attractions in London.

He wrote alongside the image: “Seeing the sights with @heidimontag!”

Wife Heidi was also quite taken with the capital, earlier tweeting: “I LOVE LONDON!!!!!!!”

Spencer claims that the UK 'gets' their sense of humour. Copyright [Rex]

In an interview with OK! magazine today, Heidi and Spencer explained that they are planning on staying in the UK for as long as they can.

Spencer said: “I always felt the UK understood our humour. They see that we are trying to make riveting television. American’s take it all too seriously.

“We love the British tabloids and magazines. It’s more fun here, I don’t see us going anywhere else, that’s for sure.

“I just spent the whole night talking to my university about taking a leave of absence so we don’t have too rush back.

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“We want to go and see all the castles in the countryside and eat at the glorious restaurants.

“We’re hoping to get invited to the Palace. That’s our main aim now. We’re not leaving until we meet her!”

It seems for the time being at least, we’re stuck with Heidi and Spencer.


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