Skinny Michelle Heaton says diet is ‘no fun’ and she’ll always be body conscious

Michelle Heaton has been following a strict diet and exercise plan as she prepares for The Big Reunion gig, but she's confessed that it's been hard work and she STILL feels self-conscious about her body.

Michelle Heaton looks better than ever at the moment - but it comes at a cost. Copyright [WENN]Michelle Heaton revealed that she's been working out twice a day and following a strict diet to get her body in the best possible shape for the gig.

Speaking in her Closer magazine column, Michelle said: "I'm proud of my body and I've worked my a*se off to get in shape, but I'll always be a bit self-conscious."

Michelle Heaton undoubtedly has an amazing body. Copyright [Michelle Heaton]She continued: "I weigh 8st 4lbs. I won't stay like this all year round, though, because it's no fun being so strict about what I eat and working out twice a day - I like my food and wine too much!"

We know that from the multiple funny Twitpics of Michelle tucking into a nice glass of red.

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The singer, 33, who's mum to one year old baby Faith, also revealed that the strict diet she's been following to achieve her amazing body isn't easy to maintain.

Michelle Heaton is now at her target size. Copyright [Splash]She said: "It's not sustainable. After the first gig I'll relax and treat myself at weekends. Then a couple of weeks before the Big Reunion tour in May, I'll be strict with myself again."

Well, she has more will power than us.

Michelle, who's married to personal trainer Hugh Hanley, revealed on the Big Reunion that during her Liberty X hey day, she was hospitalised after becoming addicted to slimming pills.

We're glad she's on a healthier path now, even if it IS strict.