Skinny Abbey Clancy poses with a hot dog, how does she manage to keep that body?

Abbey Clancy has been looking slimmer than ever recently, which makes us think she lives off a diet of salad leaves.

Abbey ClancyAbbey Clancy tweeted a photo of herself tucking into a giant hot dog. Copyright [Abbey Clancy]However, Abbey Clancy has taken to Twitter to pose with a GIANT hot dog leaving us wondering how on earth she manages to keep her amazing body in shape.

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Seriously. If she eats like this all the time, there's no justice in the world.

Abbey Clancy tweeted the photo of her tucking into the hot dog during her break from a photoshoot in Liverpool.

Abbey ClancyAbbey Clancy poses in her underwear. Copyright [Rex]Abbey's hot dog was even laden with fried onions and sauce. Err, yum.

The model has been looking super slim recently, but she insists that she eats well and exercises to maintain her figure.

Abbey confessed that she put two stone on during her pregnancy with her daughter Sophia in 2011, but the weight 'dropped off' after the birth. Ah, we love it when weight just drops off.


Abbey ClancyAbbey Clancy has been looking very slim lately. Copyright [Rex]She said: "I put two stone on when I was pregnant, but I was all bump and a big fat face. My mum told me it would drop off when I had Sophia, and it did. Each day I noticed my weight going down. I did legs, bums and tums on a Sky fitness channel, and I do a lot of horse riding."

Abbey's Twitpic photo comes just a day after Victoria Beckham was photographed in a London fish and chip shop with her son Cruz.

The pair left the shop with a massive bag of fish and chips, leaving us wondering whether Victoria tucked into any of the fried goodness or not.

Either way, we need some fish, chips and hot dogs pronto.