Sinitta X Factor EXCLUSIVE: ‘I doubt Simon Cowell will be back on the UK show next year’

Sinitta has confessed that we shouldn't count on a Simon Cowell return to the X Factor UK just yet.

Sinitta and Simon are BFFs. Copyright: [wenn]

Rumours have been rife that Simon is planning a dramatic comeback to next year's show, however according to his BFF Sinitta, that is unlikely.

*sad face*

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Speaking exclusively to omg! this morning we asked Sinitta whether Simon would be making a return to the show next year.

Sinitta told omg!: "As far as I know it isn’t true because he is going to carry on with the American show, X Factor USA."

Oof! Well, surely he could do both? He's used to flying and could have his very own personal X Factor private jet, Cheryl Cole could have one too.

Sinitta reckons Simon will stay in the US. Copyright: [wenn]

Sinitta added: "I think that they managed to do a pretty good job without Simon, but for me he is X Factor, there is just something about him that is so watchable."

"I do miss Simon, the show is still working without him and creating superstars but I just think it is more fun with Simon. I just miss my Simey!"

Hear, hear! And that is why we are crossing our fingers and toes that he comes back (with Cheryl Cole under his arm)!

This Friday Sinitta will perform alongside the likes of Steps and Kylie Minogue and Jason Donavon at the o2 as part of Hit Factory Live.

It's set to be amaze and ridiculously nostalgic, tickets are still available and we expect to see you with us screaming down the front!