Simon Cowell says that he will name his unborn baby son after himself as Simon is his favourite name - we didn't expect anything less

It's no big news that he has one of the biggest egos in the industry.

Simon Cowell has admitted that he wants to name his unborn son after himself. Copyright [WENN]

But Simon Cowell seems to have surpassed himself this time as he has revealed that he will be naming his unborn son after himself. Obviously.

The X Factor star has admitted that the name 'Simon' is at the top of his list for when Lauren Silverman gives birth. We wonder if she had a say in that.

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Speaking to ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour on Extra, he said: ''My number one choice is Simon because I like the name.''

Simon Cowell has admitted that his parenting style will be laid back when he becomes a father. Copyright [WENN …

But it seems that the music mogul does have a more sentimental side after all, as he revealed that the second name on his list is Eric - after his late father.

He said: ''His birthday is going to be very close to my dad’s birthday. so I think second choice would be Eric.''

Simon, who is expected to marry New York socialite Lauren at some point next year, also opened up about his parenting skills, admitting that he will be taking pointers from his own childhood.

Simon Cowell will teach his son his business as soon as possible.Copyright [WENN]

The father-to-be said: ''Be cool about it, and don’t worry about things to much… the way my brother and I were brought up, it was kind of relaxed. There were no self-help books or anything crazy like that.''

And it seems that Simon doesn't just want to give his son his name, he also wants to teach him his business, turning him into a proper mini-me.

He added: ''I want to teach him how to my job as quickly as possible. I like the idea of handing over the reigns and teaching him about my business.

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